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    2. What is an accent? What is a dialect?

    3. Who is accent modification for?

    4. The Goal of Accent Modification

    5. Does Accent Modification Work?

    6. Reasons why people want to improve their accent and results - Examples from clients

    7. What would you like to learn?

    1. Practice Speech Skills

    2. Take Your Speech to the Next Level

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Owner, Adastra Speech Christi Barb

Dr. Christi Barb is an accentologist who focused her doctoral research and years of teaching in higher education in the area of foreign-accented English speech. Her own instructional method is: based on current psycholinguistic theory, supported by research, produces positive change, is teachable, and is self-motivating. Clients who have received instruction from Dr. Barb reported results as: increased confidence, increased listening skill, increased comfort with the sound of their voice, a decrease in requests to repeat or clarify what they said, and motivation to make self-improvements in other areas of their life.

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Take the first step to improve your spoken English skills by learning more about the type of speech coaching Dr. Barb provides. It's never to early or too late to begin speaking the way you've always wanted to.